Create a Vision Board

Creative Visualization is the technique of using your IMAGINATION to create what you want in your life. Think of your imagination as being the workshop of the mind. You can use it to build beautiful pictures in your mind of the life you desire. It is important to understand that we are always using our imagination. However, most of us are using it to imagine the worst-case scenario. We must replace the negative images with positive ones and hold them in our mind. Here is an exercise to help you build images in your mind of what you want.

Exercise: Create a Vision Board
Cut out images from magazines of your dream house, the car you want, places to visit, clothes to wear, restaurants to eat out in, etc. and stick them on a board in a place where you can see them often, e.g. in front of your work desk, on the walls of your bedroom, etc. You can also put them in an album, which you look at every evening before going to sleep. When you look at the images, see yourself already living in the house, driving the car, visiting that city, wearing those clothes, eating out in that restaurant with friends, etc. The more excited you get at the idea of experiencing all this and the more consistently you focus on it, the quicker you will draw it towards you.

This is an extract from Step 5 of our book study course.

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