Your thoughts are creative

Thinking is the highest function human beings are capable of and it is First Cause for changing anything in our life. We must begin to change our thoughts if we want to attract wealth into our life. We will never get rich if we continue to focus our attention on all the poverty in the world. We must accept the truth that there is no poverty, only abundance; that poverty is simply an absence of prosperity in the same way that darkness is an absence of light. When we hold the thought of an abundant universe, and that there is plenty for all of us, in our mind, we help bring it about. When we continuously hold images in our mind of ourselves living a wealthy life, we will bring it about.

When we start using the power of our thoughts to create the life we really want, it is very important to understand the Law of Growth (or Gender), which states that all seeds have a gestation or incubation period. Your dreams and ideas are spiritual seeds that will manifest when the time is right. So, when you don’t see the results you want coming to you as quickly as you would like, be patient, and persist in holding the images of what you want in your mind knowing that they are on their way to you.

This is an extract from Step 2 of our book study course.

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